Newsletter Checklist

All of your newsletter copy must be in our office before your queue position is set. Also remember, we must have a postage check before we can mail your newsletter‚ Oregon chapters, please make checks payable to “Postmaster”; non-Oregon chapters, make checks payable to “COMCOA.” Feel free to print this page. See our list of suggested stories if you’re having any trouble filling out your newsletter’s content.

  • Artwork ‚ chapter or national logo, crest, or other quality artwork will add to the overall appearance and effect of your newsletter (COMCOA has many of these items available on file)
COMCOA will take care of all alumni news notes, the Honor Roll of Contributors, and lost lists. If news notes or changes of address are received at the chapter house, be sure to forward them to COMCOA. When you receive a contribution at the house, it is VERY important that you tell us the donor’s name, amount of the gift, and the date received so the donor will be listed on the Honor Roll of Contributors. Special announcements: flyers and cards for special events are fast and effective media. Upon request, COMCOA will mail such items to all your alumni, or to a target group (such as intrastate alumni, or to those within a specific range of initiation numbers or graduation dates). Also, you may want to include a “recommend a rushee” card, or other questionnaire with your newsletter. Please Remember: If your newsletter will contain an announcement with a date, be sure to submit the entire newsletter copy early enough so that COMCOA has adequate time to publish and mail the newsletter, and your alumni have enough time to respond. If time is limited, we suggest you mail a card or flyer.]]>